At the Lucky Spur Ranch we breed, raise and train horses with "pocket pony" dispositions, balanced conformation
with athletic ability and great minds. We strive to provide potential buyers and mare owners with information that
help you to make an informed confident decision and to have one that you can be excited about for your future.
We , like you believe that every horse deserves a safe and happy home where it will be loved and cared for - for
many years to come.

At The Lucky Spur Ranch the horses are on a  scheduled routine maintenance program of vaccinations, worming and
farrier work. Our foals begin hoof trimmings as soon as it is necessary to support proper structure for growth and
movement, then they fall into the 6/8 week trim schedule with the rest of the herd.

We believe  that a horse is conditioned from the inside-out and you get out of it, what you put in to it!  We feed and
promote a well balanced diet created by Progressive Nutrition. It's specific for each horse's age, work or breeding
stage. All animals deserve to receive  the best care possible and good starts when they are young mean great

Our select band of broodmares were chosen based on their conformation, disposition and pedigree. We have truly
been blessed with a wonderful group of mares that not only have great  foundation but modern lines as well. As
every breeder dreams for, they consistently out-produce themselves and stamp every baby with willing dispositions
and winning conformation from both sire and dam.

We welcome visitors to our farm on an appointment basis so that we may give you the individual time and attention
that you deserve while visiting. Feel free to give us a call and set up a time to visit.

We look forward to sharing the experience with you soon!

The Lucky Spur Ranch
Gary & Julie