Testimonials From Previous Clients
I thought I would write and let you know that our "Little Man" is doing
wonderful. Lauren is riding him on trails and he is so QUIET!!!! He has
refused nothing so far. He is walking, trotting and cantering now too. I
think he will be a WONDERFUL youth project...   Melony M. OH
"Yogi" has been my pride and joy. He has that great disposition
that everyone can appreciate. Yogi is calm, willing and a quick
learner. He is going to be an excellent all around horse!    
Amy T.- MI
Janel H.  wrote regarding
Dun Smoked VanStar
2002 Gelding by
TMTs Dun Been Smoked x Poco Vandy Two

"For the first time in my life - I have a horse who is physical
sound and mentally sane!"
Kristi A. writes;
I really appreciate all that you both have done to get Ms. Katie
bred! Thanks for taking wonderful care of her during her stay.
I can't wait for the opportunity to show a Katie/Smokey baby!

Pictured- Cruisin in the Dark,
The resulting offspring from that breeding.
Before seeing Loki, I had succumbed to the frustration of horse shopping.  I became discouraged by the
countless owners who lied about their horse's experience.  I was in the market for a younger horse that
would be suited for a variety of disciplines including lower level dressage, English pleasure, and trail
rides.  In summary, I wanted a horse with a level mind that was physically and mentally capable for
diversity.  I found all of that and more in Lucky Spur Ranch's Heza Smokin Loki, aka Loki.  When my sister
first inquired about Loki she was enthusiastic with the detailed, honest, and prompt email responses
from Julie that ranged from written descriptions to easily available pictures and videos.   I was more than
excited to meet this seven year old gelding.  Upon on arrival, Julie was friendly and organized with our
visit.  We spent probably two hours riding him, hanging out with him, and sharing horse stories.  It was
the most pleasant horse sale visit I had ever encountered.  Loki was all that he was described and I
instantly fell in love with him.
Purchasing my first horse was a big decision, so I definitely had to mull everything over.  My sister
explained this to Julie and she was beyond understanding.  She even put off a few potential buyer visits
until my second visit.  Buying Loki from Lucky Spur Ranch couldn't be anymore of a positive experience.  
Everything went so smoothly and now a few months later I couldn't be happier with Loki.  He is a barn
favorite, brave, hilarious, athletic, and extremely intelligent.   He didn't bat an eye over any of the
obstacles at our first extreme cowboy obstacle course last month and we are scheduled for several
shows during the summer months.  This horse continues to impress me everyday.   
Thank you Julie and Gary!
Nicole S. &  Heza A Smokin Loki